Anthea is an author and public speaker who was defined by violence for  11 years, after experiencing the trauma of a number of violent crimes in South Africa, including her father's murder in a farm killing, family rape, assault and being caught herself in a violent riot. 

It finally came to a stop when totally  depressed and disillusioned, at the end of hope and life itself, she had a near death experience  which transformed her view of life and brought her to a place of deep spiritual awareness.  It was in the space of complete mental and physical shut down after an attempted suicide, that she finally found herself.  This discovery revealed a person that was no longer threatened, not fearful, but loved, perfectly whole and filled with life.  She made a choice to start living from her source and creator inside, instead of her fears.  She consequently discarded the role of victim and immersed herself in her seamless connection with inner peace and creativity.   

Anthea discovered that by cultivating awareness of her true identity,  one with God, and filled with life that she could live safe, content and peaceful in a volatile country even though it was still riddled with violence and crime.  
This awareness is how Anthea joined the ranks of a very definitive subculture in South Africa:  The white victim of violent crimes who has a positive outlook on the future.  This awareness fuels her quest to state a case for living a life filled with meaning and beauty in South Africa, and anywhere where violence is...
She’s published two books.  In the first, Anthea’s Journey, she shares the very personal account of the brutal murder of her father on a plot outside White River in Mpumalanga.  She writes frankly about the emotional torment,  and her discontent with the proffered reasons for it happening.  Any victim of violence,  crime or any form of abuse will find authentic hope in this journey.  This book will be a valuable and honest companion to any South African struggling to deal with the trauma of violence,  and who is questioning the value of standard psychology and Christian beliefs to address this.
In the second book, Active Infinity, she discusses the discovery of her own spirituality,  where belief meets physical reality.  An awareness of her true identity as a spiritual being, connected to all that is divine and living life in very real terms in the midst of significant challenges.   Anthea explores spirituality as a deeply personal experience found in quiet and contemplative spaces.  It is a fresh and honest perspective that will be welcomed by all people who are disillusioned with religion, and commercial quick fixes. Active Infinity is a radical invitation to be the creative force in your own life that you are meant to be.
Anthea holds a Masters Degree from DeMontfort University in the UK.  She lives and works in Hermanus, on the Whale Coast of the Western Cape, where she writes and composes.  She engages with people from all walks of life through public speaking,  hosting Active Infinity Book Clubs, as well as Bounce Back Retreats. 


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